Owners of trees have a duty of care to people and property that may be affected by their trees. A survey by Tree Dimension offers the reassurance that you fulfilled that obligation by having your trees examined by a professional Arboriculturist.

Monitoring the health of your trees…


Trees and the wildlife associated with them may have legal protection: during a consultation Mike Kemp will explain your responsibilities, he will outline how and when work can be done to trees in which bats and birds have taken up residence and what to do when your tree is covered by a Tree Protection Order.

Why is it needed?

Regular inspection and prompt recognition of any faults help keep trees healthy and long lived.
Tree Dimension surveys and tree assessments help protect the safety of your trees and ensure your own peace of mind.

Inspections and Surveys

After initial consultation, Mike will inspect the trees for any faults or issues such as disease, or potential hazards. These are then written up in a survey and solutions are discussed. Depending on what you require, a full Arboricultural Report can be produced for the use of contractors, local authorities etc.